Dental Implants


Implants provide a strong foundation for fixed (permanent) or removable replacement teeth that are made to match your natural teeth in the look, feel and function. Some of the benefits of dental implants include:

  1. Enhanced Appearance
  2. Superior Comfort
  3. Improved Speech
  4. Efficient Chewing
  5. Protects the remaining natural teeth
  6. Highly Reliable
  7. Durable
  8. Improved confidence
  9. Improved oral health

The cost of the dental implants vary with quality of implants, the skill and experience of the oral and maxillofacial implantologist rather than the implant itself, because the skill and technique actually  playsa major role in the success of the dental implants. Dr. Gowds is par excellent in dental implants treatment providing full value for your money.


Besides the positive aspects of dental implants,the expertise and experience of the dentist combined with latest technologies contributes significantly to the success of dental implant treatment. Dr Vikas Gowd, is one of the best dentists in Hyderabad,and isknown for:

Patient Care: Exceptional patient care and professional integrity with gentle and adept hands that treat the worst of dental problems with ease. He has a sure solution for any dental problem including, missing teeth or loose dentures. His primary goal is to help people live their lives fully with healthy smiles.

Best Dental Implant Treatment in Hyderabad: Dr.Gowd’s Dental has the best team of dental implant experts lead by Dr.Vikas Gowd. Dr.Vikas Gowd has been given the title as the first Indian with “ Expertise in Dental Implantology”by BZI, European Dental Association.

Dr. Vikas Gowd is a Fellow, Diplomate of ICOI (International Congress of Oral Implantologists) and Master of Implant Prosthetic Section of ICOI. He has had intensive training in dental implantology in United States, Germany, Switzerland, France, Korea.

Experience: Dr. Vikas Gowd has done over 8000 dental implants in the last 2 decades with successful follow ups of patients. He uses CAD /CAM technology (first introduced by him in dentistry) for enhanced accuracy in implant placement.Dr. Gowds success rate in Dental Implant treatments stands at 98 percent.

He’s known to have treated patients from “NO” teeth to ‘FULL’ teeth, transforming thousands of lives over the years. From single tooth, to multiple teeth replacement and full-mouth rehabilitation, Dr. Vikas Gowd has fulfilled the dental goals of tens of thousands of patients to complete satisfaction, transforming their lives.

Newest Technologies: CAD-CAM, Teeth-in-an-HourTMused at Dr Gowd’s Dental Hospitals provides greater patient satisfaction and simplifies dental implant treatment prosthesis. Same Day Implants is another feather in the cap of Dr. Gowds offering a solution for busy people with little time to spare.All these aspects attribute to Dr. Gowd’s  being recognized as one of the top 3  dental clinics  in Hyderabad by Times of India, 2017 survey.

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