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Premium Dental Implants

 Over the last few years, various CAD/CAM Implants systems have grown in popularity to fabricate various kinds of restorations. We have practiced, and also had excellent results with some of these systems like Procera, Cercon, Lava, etc.

Based on our expert know-how of these branded systems and now with the availability of open ended systems which give us freedom to hand pick the best suited software, milling machine and layering materials, we have decided to go the ‘open’ way so as to get the most exquisite results, with zero compromise on quality.

Sirona -Cerac ( CAD/CAM)

First dental clinic to have Sirona Cerac ( CAD/CAM) in India.

CAD/CAM Restoration in 2013



  • 99% Accuracy.
  • High Precision
  • High Strength
  • 8yrs Guarantee