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Tooth pain is one of the most common dental problems that often drives the patient to the dental hospital. More than 80 percent of toothaches are due to tooth decay, for which root canal treatment (RCT) is the solution.

The goal of RCT is to save the infected tooth, and not extract it. If you have badly decayed, cracked infected, sensitive or severely worn teeth, accompanied by the following symptoms, then you are a candidate for RCT.

  • Swollen gums around the tooth
  • Severe toothache, mild to acute
  • Foul taste near the tooth
  • Difficulty or painful while eating or chewing
  • Tenderness in the tooth associated with fever
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold foods

RCT or endodontic therapy is a process that is aimed at clearing the tooth infection by making a tiny hole in the tooth to access and remove the pulp. The cavity thus created is then thoroughly cleaned and filled with a biocompatible material, and the hole sealed. A dental crown is then placed over the tooth for protection and longevity.Root canal treatment not only relieves pain but also restores the tooth function and aesthetics.

The Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

The treatment for root canal should not be compromised as it can lead to severe complications. Following are some of the benefits of RCT:

  • Relieves Pain:  Patient experiences immediate pain relief once root canal treatment is initiated, once the infection and diseased pulp are removed from root canal. This prevents abscess formation and damage to surrounding bone with the spread of infection.
  • Simple and Quick Procedure: Root canal treatment is a simple procedure and typically involves one or two appointments, however, it can be done in a single-sitting too.
  • Prevents Tooth Loss: Root canal treatment aims at retaining the natural tooth rather than tooth removal, when there are chances of saving a tooth.
  • Prevents Bite Problems: Since root canal treatment retains the natural tooth, original bite can be achieved easily. However, tooth extraction as an alternative to RCT leads to gap formation, drifting into adjacent and opposing tooth space resulting in bite changes and tooth loosening.
  • Restores Aesthetics: Root canal treatment restores tooth integrity thus enhancing smiles.
  • Prevents Complications:  The presence of diseased tooth for longer duration may lead to abscess formation, spread of infection to surrounding tissues,swelling and tooth loss.
  • Cost-effectivity:The cost on RCT is worth its durability. Moreover, the cost is less compared to fixed replacement of lost teeth.
  • Durability: RCT is a one-time treatment that lasts a life-time if maintained with proper care. The instructions given by the dentist must be strictly followed for its long-term effects.
  • Treated by an Endodontist:An endodontist is knowledgeable about the curvatures and abnormalities associated with root canals. RCT performed by an endodontist, who are trained in endodontic treatments offer successful outcomes.

Why Dr.Gowd’s?

Besides the Benefits of Root canal treatment itself, the expertise and experience of the dentist combined with latest technologies also contributes significantly to the success of RCT.

Dr. Gowd’s Dental Hospital, uses CAD-CAM, Teeth-in-an-HourTM that provides greater patient satisfaction. This reduces the number of appointments, saves time for busy people by allowing them to leave the dental  office (with a permanent crown) on the same day.

Newest Technologies: Latest technologies like RVG and Electronic pulp tester for diagnosis and Rotary endodontics and lasers for treatment contribute to the accuracy and successful treatment outcome. All these aspects combined with professional dentists attribute to Dr. Gowd’s Dental Hospital to be the best dental hospital in Hyderabad.

Patient Care:Dr. Gowd’s is exceptional with patient care and professional integrity with gentle and adept hands that treat the worst of dental problems with ease. They have a sure solution for any endodontic problems, minor or major dental complications associated with trauma, severe infection. They aim to spread healthy smiles, apart from enhancing the dental aesthetics of an individual.

Best Root Canal Treatment in Hyderabad: Dr.Gowd’s Dental Hospital has the best team of experienced Endodontists who are knowledgeable and skilled to match the patient’s treatment expectation. With over 50 years of experience, Dr.Gowd’s hospital is popular for best treatment solutions. All the above aspects make Dr Gowd’s Dental hospital as the place for best dental care in Hyderabad.


A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that an Oral Implantologist like Dr. Vikas Gowd places into your jaw to hold a replacement tooth or bridge. Dental implants are an ideal option for people in good general oral health who have lost a tooth or teeth due to periodontal disease, failure of endodontics, an injury, or some other reason.

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